Put simply, we are dreamers and creatives with the technical and logistical backgrounds to pull off the impossible. We design for the big and small. We work with management teams to scale emerging artists to the big time and with in house infrastructure to handle design for the largest tours out there. Concert creative direction, lighting design, content, and music videos.

Our Team

Gordon Droitcour

Designer/Tech Development

Gordon comes from a family of inventors & entrepreneurs. His grandfather holds several patents in electrical and mechanical engineering, so it's no surprise that Gordon started as an audio engineer and ended up pioneering his own system for triggering lights & video. He earned his road stripes as an employee of Clair Global and spent the past 5 years on the road with artists like Tim McGraw, Jonas Brothers, Luke Bryan, Gotye, Phoenix; amongst others. After learning from some of the best designers and engineers in the industry, Gordon used his technical knowledge of the entire production process as the driving force of Cour Design. Once Gordon combined his tour experience and entrepreneurial creativity with the logistical dexterity of Erik Anderson, the Production Manager / Tour Manager duo spent all of 2014 on the road together fine-tuning the Cour Design model with Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist St Lucia. Bent on changing the touring landscape for other artists, Cour Design officially hit the ground running in early 2015 and has been in full sprint ever since. 




Designer/Business Development

If you only have one person to call in a tight situation, Erik should be on your speed dial. He’s kind of like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction. That’s why managers and agents love sending him on the road with their artists… They sleep better at night. With over a decade of management experience, Erik gets his jollies by finding the most efficient and effective way to execute a strategy that involves many moving parts. When he’s not putting out fires, he’s thinking about how to fire-proof your plans. At Cour Design, Erik leads the design process from the very beginning to ensure the most impactful and creative strategy is implemented every step of the way.