WE ARE NOT DESIGNERS / by Gordon Droitcour

We are not designers. I mean, it is what we do for a living, what we dream about, what we do everyday - sure, we make designs. But we are not trained designers. In the modern world of any industry, being classically trained is not always the way to success. In our business of space and stage design we find each one of our team members to be a “swiss army knife” of skill sets. Mutts of our own creed that dabble enough in many things to be dangerous, but know when to find experts. The variety of backgrounds help guide the way in several different difficult scenarios. Each new project and challenge gets added to the community pile of experience that guides us going forward.


Though it may sound like we have no idea what we are doing from the dramatic title, we do have backgrounds in entertainment production. Erik comes from a woodworking, tinkerer, tour managing, wordsmithing, philosophical, scholarly, we-will-figure-it-out background that comes out in every design that we make. We toured together back in the day for several years before we started this venture together. His thoughtfulness for great design is rooted in finding the perfect balance of creative visuals and logistical ease. Making a design look great and make sense to put together is this man’s specialty.


It is actually quite nice working alongside him. Sure we disagree as any business partners do, but that point of disagreement is the magic tipping point of our work. Almost a Lennon-McCartney situation where every design is poured over together to land on the perfect balance. We try our best to find solutions that will blow you away visually, while making sure it makes sense for everyone involved. To us, that really is the definition of great design.


It may be intuitive to think that what we don’t know is what we shy away from. Luckily in our line of business, mistakes and experimentation is the catalyst of discovery, so we welcome challenging situations. It will only make us better for the next one. For example, we had an artist recently who had a challenging logistical situation for their tour. After months of struggling to find the right visual creativity to logistics balance, we found that the right answer would mean that we would need to buy some new product and learn new software. Sounds simple enough in a sentence, but learning software can be a huge challenge if time is not on your side. Not to mention, you need to know enough about it so that if there is a problem on the road, you can walk someone through a solution over the phone. Now we own new hardware and we know new software that we can add to our repertoire.


All said and done, we are a shop of dreamers with a plan. Our unofficial motto is “We Will Figure It Out” because in the end, we always do. We help other creatives bring their ideas to life as well as create new ones of our own. We live in a collaborative society that demands collaborative minds and skills. Learning more and more about the pains and needs of our clients is our priority so that we can work hard to learn the skills to help fix them.